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Workshop SSCO 2014 - Sea Tech Week 13-17 october 2014

Sensor Systems for a Changing Ocean - Underwater Sensors: The Next Generation

LabexMER is associated to the SSCO 2014 workshop organized in the scope of the 2014 Sea Tech Week (9th Marine Science Conference), from 13th to 17th October 2014, in Brest.

The main objective is to present new, integrated sensors that can be implemented on a variety of fixed and mobile platforms and have multiple functionalities including measurements of key parameters useful to a number of objectives, ranging from more precise monitoring and modeling of the marine environment to an improved assessment of fish stocks. The workshop is based on the need for innovative sensors to improve and expand marine observations as part of a more comprehensive approach ecosystem management.

The workshop will also address means of underwater observations based on other innovative sensor systems. This includes the first outcome of the project NeXOS aimed at improving the temporal and spatial coverage, resolution and quality of marine observations.

More information on the Sea Tech Week website

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